The project I'm currently involved in, we are currently supporting one language (French) and we we're told this would not change in the near future ... Guess what the near future is now !!! An opportunity presented itself and our client wanted to grab it, so we we're tasked with making our app support english as well. The good news was that we we're already using .resx files ..... the bad news is that those files are everywhere!!!

Things got a little more interesting when the client told us he hired a guy to work on the entire translation instead of us having to do it ... great so now we have to take some guy that has no clue about what a resource file is and sit him down ...launch Visual Studio and make him add support for english!!! might as well do it ourselves !

Resxtranslator to the rescue

I took some time to try and find a tool that would allow the translator to do the work he was being paid for without me having to do a crash course on Visual Studio. After a few moments I found the little gem it's called Resxtranslator it's on Github and it does exactly that... let the translator work !!!

After a few tests a was confident enough that the translator could use this tool and my team would not be impacted by him asking a bunch of questions if he we're in an IDE (which would be 100% understandable)

After a few moments of explanation, the translator went to work and in the matter of a day and half he was done! No files we're forgotten or missed, it was unbelievable. Every file was now translated and we we're now supporting both french and english (with french fallback in case). The only work left to do was to actually include every single file in its corresponding project, then we deployed it to a staging area and bingo it was done.

Definitely a tool to keep close as soon as the resource file is added we now go straight to this tool to add the support for both.

Don't forget to check it out !!