For the last few weeks I've been feeling a bit nervous with my laptop, the one I use for work and conferences, something was off, sluggier, bloated. Why worry, we have each others back, I'm not going to wipe 4 years of beautiful memories just to get a slimmed down versions (I'm a loyal guy!). The cherry on top happened last Monday at MSDEVMTL, I wanted to show something on the big screen to the audience, so I went to plug the HDMI cable in (the same way I always do) and bang! it happened....blue screen of death (the new one from windows 8...less scary) with a smiley face...ARE YOU KIDDING ME...smiley face in a time of national crisis (ok I admit, I may overreact sometimes). From there everything got more and more awkward between us. After a reboot, Skype for business would stay stuck on the "Starting...." screen and some programs would all of a sudden crash big time.
So I decided that I had no choice but to wipe it and start fresh :(.

A new day

After re-installing Windows 8.1 and EVERYTHING (all the updates and all the apps I use) I tried to start Skype for business... same thing, stuck on "Starting ... " open up sourcetree...crash after less than a minutes, I could not even get Visual Studio 2013 to get past the splash screen without crashing and burning. I was kinda of stuck, but I had a big desktop computer at work...so at least I could still work with this one and get a new laptop soon. I did try a few more times to re-install Windows 8.1 with the bare minimum and nothing would work every app would end up crashing.

A new day .... again

After a few tries I just decided to give up, but then it came to me ... Windows 10 is officially out, might as well give it a go it really can't get worse than that. So I went ahead and installed it, everything went smooth and all of a sudden my dead laptop was snappy and shiny !! But since I was a week of BSOD hell ..... my work desktop (which as only a few months of work done) just went ahead and decided to crash and burn majestically, I mean like a champion ... it took the IT tech more than an hour to get it back up... I'm guessing I had bad karma this week.

Going forward

I really like how snappy the new Windows 10 is, it actually feels like my old computer on Windows 10 is faster than when it was on a brand new Windows 8.1. I t takes a bit of getting used to with the interface and the damn "Start button", but other than that I love it! I'm running VS2013 and VS2015 and I don't feel like I'm asking to much to my computer when I run multiple instances of each...good things. So all in all it looks like I will be on Windows 10 from now on... don't worry if things start to crash, I'll let you guys know :)