A while back (like way back) I wanted to upload a file in my Azure blob storage from a browser, but that was impossible because CORS wasn’t available. A few Azure releases later and lo and behold CORS is available !!!! So after a few trials and error I was able to upload a rather large file(> 500 MB) without too much problem.  I will be writing a few post on how I was able to set it up. Here are a few key points I will be writing about :

  • Enabling CORS (updated on June 4th 2014)
  • Working with the SAS (Shared Access Signature)
  • Uploading from the client small and big files
  • Putting it all together


I will be keeping this list updated for when the posts are online.



Comment by Brigida Mclennon

Ottimo contenuto. Grazie per averlo condiviso, da oggi seguo questo blog perchè mi piace :)

Brigida Mclennon