So you have already configured your continuous deployment with Azure and now find yourself in need of making sure that webjobs get deployed at the same time. Because once you start using webjobs you just can't go back they are so powerful yet so simple, but how to deploy them all at the same?

It's really simple, if you do not yet have a console app in your solution, you just right click on you web project and choose Add -> New Azure Webjob Project, fill out the information (project name, how you want that job to execute, ...) then Visual Studio will get the ball rolling by creating a new console project and download a few dependencies from Nuget, and your good to go.

On the other hand if you already have a console app, it's as simple... once again right-click on you web project Add -> Existing Project as Azure Webjob.. then you'll just have to choose that console app... fill out the same info for the project and there you have it.

On every deployment for your project your webjobs will also get deployed